Fixing cracks in tile without replacing them.

Instruction Guide:

0:01 okay I’m gonna show you have to fix cracks in your top without having to
0:04 pull the tele
0:05 and replace them if you have to have its oldest house 25 years old they don’t
0:09 make it anymore
0:10 and we had a drought 2011 and
0:14 our house split like Iraq tomato I’ll wait for requests right where we
0:18 lot through all the time I actually had a big China
0:21 come out and so
0:26 I just can’t stand since the crack here become a locked in my kitchen
0:30 so what you do is this part right here have already
0:34 filled in you fill it in with with glee wood glue
0:37 will expand and contract with your house if it if it
0:41 you know I think it’s dry gin up and that mean range that closes back that
0:45 the wood glue will help fill it in and
0:48 fill in the Bay Area to hard to get into the small cracks that this whole day
0:53 chunk right here with huges decide to skip it would go in it took till the day
0:58 okay so you need some bad thing apart from may not show you up
1:04 okay what I am using is thing a Polish
1:08 an I 27 what but there now
1:11 a display and saw the pier other so much pain a winner
1:16 what did that work on my cup so
1:19 saludarte had to get somewhat to mix with it’ll only work on tile
1:23 it has a glazed finish he wouldn’t want to put it on a pornstar don’t think it
1:27 would work
1:28 I’m not real sure how I work on rock
1:31 but packing think they’re not big on crack to your tile
1:35 okay so what i did. after the
1:38 wiggly drive if you have a big crack just a
1:42 and since you’re an
1:48 toless is glazed you don’t really have to worry about
1:52 you know that
1:55 the their polish not coming off because yes you stepping up cut polish remover
2:01 remove it and
2:04 why
2:07 today
2:16 saying say that is gotten kinda blend in with Mike Kyle
2:19 why
2:24 I try not to
2:29 mix my little brushes that
2:33 cuddling exit on the town that way well this right here
2:36 Colorstay pre-trade
2:40 need is kinda
2:47 gonna go over
2:57 getting crack
3:18 who came with will do is you let that dry
3:21 and we’ll come back in actually
3:27 in next okay love it emerged rhyme
3:30 I have a have a crack KS
3:34 chart knocked out %ah and
3:37 I’m justice in working a Polish over there
3:40 yes can kinda feel that Ian
3:43 there a little bit
3:49 and then I was that dries are you get the
3:53 fair partial waiver and you just kinda smooth it out okay
3:59 their bosses track summit a
4:03 a cotton swab am in that
4:06 thing apart from a bar on it and he just
4:10 lightly the it
4:28 and it might take a couple tries to get it to where
4:30 you happy with it but you can just keep doing it and doing it
4:34 you know hurting anything
4:39 you can see it’s
4:43 pretty much disappeared and I went ahead and did
4:46 some more over here up
5:06 at all
5:07 and also
5:11 and gone over it with them real fun same paper
5:14 it has too much sheen on it you can go over it with distal
5:18 relief and fam paper and take the sheen of
5:21 senate-house
5:25 great durable say
5:29 pretty much made invisible okay here’s that shit
5:34 just kinda likely gone over it
5:38 and that’s not a dark hole anymore it’s it said
5:42 pretty much invisible nobody’s gonna notice it BAE can keep building it and
5:46 take on a
5:47 this one is pretty ACA going in Pitt
5:51 more in there and
5:54 make it even more miserable that is so invisible now that I’m not even gonna
5:59 bother
5:59 good luck with it

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