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Commercial Land For Sale in Montrouis Haiti

Montrouis, Haiti


Commercial Land For Sale in Montrouis Haiti? Which you can use to build your private dream home with beach includes yacht and boat enjoyment throughout the year. In Haiti the weather is perfectly calm, sunny andalways comfortable for whatever activity as well as boat fishing and it is about 1 hour away from Port-au-Prince.

This 5.5 centieme Commercial Land For Sale in Montrouis Haiti could use as beautiful public beach with a lot of activity that could bring some revenue for your business. This land is right next montrouis beach and 5 min to route national #1 which is the best opportunity for tourist. As you probably know Montrouis, Haiti is known for the place of gorgeous beaches such as: Club Med, Moulin Sur Mer, Club Indigo beach, kaliko Beach Club and many more. Pretty Soon Haiti will be the vacation spot for a lot of people. Here is your chance to provide the best service you could think of and so many creative ways you can do with 5.5 centieme of land.

Here is fact: Montrouis, Haiti is one of the major tourist destinations in Haiti and it’s known for its white sandy beaches, cozy and gives the people who want to relax the privacy that they deserve. The beaches of Montrouis are famous all over the island http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montrouis

Remember they are not making any more land, Once all the land is bought and built upon, there isn’t anymore.  Land cannot reproduce.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone.  We can buy and sell the same plot of land multiple times, but we can’t create any more land.

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